Free svg loading icons for your projects!

July 17, 2021

Free svg loading icons for your projects!

Who hasn’t gone through a job to find a cool loading icon? This site will solve your problem, free svg loading icons!

Free svg loading icons cover

Hey guys! Another Achilles heel of devs is finding quality and free resources.

That’s why I’m bringing you another utility post, today about loading icons.

Where to download svg icons?

Visit the website: https://loading.io/

And see the endless possibilities that this site gives you when it comes to loading icons and also in svg, cool right? 😀

First, you choose the ideal format for your loader, some are paid but there are many free variations.

See how friendly the interface is:


And there are other customization options like: color, height, radius, curvature, bar width.

You can get out of there with a practically unique loader.

The advantage of being in svg is also really cool, as you can change it to any size you want with CSS without losing loader quality.

And if you still have no idea about the colors, loading.io offers you a series of palettes for you to see which one you like the most.

So there’s no excuse: go there, customize and download 🙂

And even if you need cross-browser compatibility, you can choose to use it in gif format, ensuring that it appears in IE 😀

Bonus: Canvas

Another resource that I never tire of promoting is Canva.

In it, you’ll be able to make layouts to use in posts on Facebook, Youtube, etc.

I use it a lot on my channel and also on my page 🙂

It has many cool free models, but if you want to opt for more exclusive models there is also the paid section (prices are very attractive).

The coolest thing is that it comes in the right sizes, you choose the category, for example, Facebook Post

So the measurements of the image are already perfect to include in the Face post, cool, right? 😀

Let me know in the comments if you like the tip for free svg loading icons

And that’s it for today, until the next post!

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