5 Reasons to use Linux – Ubuntu

August 24, 2021

5 Reasons to use Linux – Ubuntu

Linux is an operating system widely used by developers, but why? Check out the reasons to use Linux!

reasons to use linux

Why use Linux? I have Wamp Server

I’ll first tell a story of mine: when I started developing I was afraid of black screens (terminal).

He was a Windows activist and had an aversion to Linux.

My first boss typed commands in the terminal as if he were in UOL chat, strafing the keyboard

And then I created my prejudice and thought for several months that it wasn’t for me.

Since I was able to develop web applications with my Wamp Server, I thought I didn’t need Linux.

But over time I was forced to do several things on Linux

  • Dumps;
  • Deploys;
  • Look at logs;

And every time it was that suffering until finally I surrendered and started to study deeply and ask questions with my ex-boss.

The guy is really good, I admire him a lot.

And in a few weeks, it was just joy, I was happy to work with Linux, it made my developer life 200% easier.

And it also makes it easy to mess around with these built-in servers like WAMP, MAMP, XAMP.

Because you see that they are the same thing, but the embedded ones are more abstracted, you configure fewer things and basically, everything is ready.

Now enough to tell my story, I just wanted to give a testimony that my suffering and prejudice was pure ill will and procrastination.

Deep down I knew that Linux is critical for devs and more and more companies ask for it as a requirement.

So, let’s see some reasons why learn/use Linux?

Reasons to use Linux

So let’s see what reasons led e to use Linux.

I listed 5 of the main ones, so you don’t have any more doubts:

  1. Most servers use: When we talk about web programming, most servers are Linux, which makes it almost a must for you to know how to ls the terminal;
  2. Community: Most (or all) of your questions have probably already been resolved, so you will have support from a lot of people to be able to make your way into the Linux operating system;
  3. Free: You don’t need to buy anything, just download it and be happy, of course, this is a user perspective, but in the end, you can have it on your machine also to debug your code and have an environment closer to the server that is your project;
  4. Security: You can delimit the permissions of files and directories, making your OS more secure, but this aspect is much deeper than I mentioned, just search on Google and see that it is a key point of Linux;
  5. Native support for many languages: For programmers, this point is very important, on Linux most languages ​​you only need to install a package and you can use them, on Windows we know the workarounds we have to do to run a simple PHP.


I believe that if you want to be a developer you should keep your eye on Linux, be it front, back end, or full-stack.

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