Which Linux distribution should I use? What is the best?

September 3, 2021

Which Linux distribution should I use? What is the best?

In this post, you will understand what a Linux distribution is and also suggestions about the advantages and uses of the most famous ones.

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What is a Linux distribution?

On Linux, you have the option to choose different versions of the Operating System to use.

Unlike Mac and Windows users are conditioned to use the most current versions of each system.

So that’s what the distribution is called, sometimes very different versions or some with few changes of Linux.

Among famous and well-known distributions, we can mention:

  • Debian;
  • Ubuntu;
  • Red Hat;
  • Kali Linux;
  • Fedora;
  • Linux Mint;
  • Arch Linux;
  • Manjaro;

And in this entire ecosystem, some distributions originate from others.

With the idea of ​​improving some points, developers create a distribution with a lot of codebase from another.

For example:

Ubuntu derives from Debian and Red Hat becomes Fedora!

Which Linux distribution should I use?

This is a very personal question and I believe that if you arrived at this section of the post it is because you are starting or venturing into the world of Linux.

So if that’s the case, I recommend Ubuntu to get you started

And we have several reasons for this:

  • Ease of use;
  • Well-evolved and widely used distro;
  • Large community;
  • Large companies use it (AWS);
  • Both the visual and command-line parts are excellent;

I started and by it and still use it both in my work and when I want to do some home testing with a VM (Virtual Machine).

VMs are an easy way to test a Linux distro, by downloading the ISO you can install distribution and test it.

I recommend the VirtualBox software.

Then, as you mature in Linux, you can start looking for one that suits your needs.

For example, they use a lot of Kali Linux for pen test.

But I think at this point you’ll already know where to look, which makes this question very personal.

From a point of view of maturing your knowledge of Linux and your needs, there is no fixed rule for each case.


We’ve seen that distributions are Linux OS versions with few or many differences from which ones were inherited.

Often these differences are to improve or change some OS function.

About which one is best: choose the one you like the most and then move to one that will solve your problem.

My indication for beginners is Ubuntu! 😀

And that’s it for today, until the next post!

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