How to prevent code injection in PHP – SQL Injection

January 15, 2022

How to prevent code injection in PHP – SQL Injection

In this article we will learn ways to prevent code injection in PHP, using strategies to protect your code and database.

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What’s up programmer, how are you? Let’s learn more about PHP and SQL Injection!

The first action you should take is not to use PHP’s mysql library and its functions.

The library is not insecure, but it can leave gaps in some situations that favor some code injection

You can then opt for mysqli or PDO (my recommendation)

In the PDO library you can use prepared statements, which is a very good weapon against SQL Injection

Which is basically this one over here:

$sql = 'INSERT INTO mytable(name, password, status) VALUES(?, ?, ?)';

These interrogations will cause the passed data to be processed to just execute text in the SQL query

Protecting you from possible attacks

The values in question will then be replaced with the bindValue method

Check it out:

$stmt->bindValue(1, 'userName');

These two query steps will help reduce vulnerabilities

The query is not executed after its formation, but after these sets of methods


In addition, other necessary best practices are validations on both the front and the back end.

Firstly requiring that the value passed be in the format that will be inserted into the database

For example: a name, this value cannot contain numbers, so do these validations

And also removing special characters that are not needed, as they are the ones that most injections originate from.

Including blank spaces!

Other recommendations

Do not accept request types different from the purpose of the query, for example, when inserting data, check if the request is really a POST and not a GET

Do not display SQL errors to the user, this will make him understand how the bank behaves and also discover details that could harm you

All system errors must have a log for further analysis, and then check for any Injection or brute force intrusion attempts.


In this article we learn how to prevent code injection in PHP

The subject is very broad, but most problems are avoided by using prepared statements and mainly by validating all the data that is passed by the user

The other tips are also important, such as not showing SQL errors, this can reveal the modeling of the bank and then the hacker can invade in some other way

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