What is Vanilla JS? Pure JavaScript?

January 30, 2022

What is Vanilla JS? Pure JavaScript?

In this article you will learn what is Vanilla JS and why they call it that way, and when you are using it.

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Hey you all programmers and developers, okay? Let’s learn more about JavaScript!

Vanilla JS is nothing but pure JavaScript!

This is actually a small joke due to the emergence of so many frameworks and libraries that involve the language.

And even to discern from codes made in jQuery, for example, that it was very common to have two variations for the same thing

One being in JavaScript and the other in jQuery

The joke

There is a site that calls Vanilla JS a framework, presenting it as light and fast

It is used by several companies such as: Google, YouTube, Facebook and so on.

However, checking its documentation, the website author uses JavaScript language examples without any framework

You can see the website here.

Showing that the language ends up being faster than any framework and the actions performed in the frameworks do not save almost any code

There is no reason why you use a framework instead of JavaScript in its pure form

Another Strand

In English there is the expression “Vanilla something”, to refer to the most common version of something

Because the vanilla (vanilla) flavor is the most common among cookies and sweets


In this article we learned  What is Vanilla JS

Which is nothing more than a reference to the JavaScript language in its pure form

Or code that is just written in the language, without any framework or library like jQuery

Want to learn more about Vanilla JavaScript? Click here!

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