What are the benefits of minifying JavaScript scripts

February 10, 2022

What are the benefits of minifying JavaScript scripts

In this article we will learn the benefits of minifying JavaScript scripts and also the importance of making these files smaller for the project

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Hey you programmer, ok? Let’s learn more about minification of files and scripts!

Positives Aspects of minifying file

The gains of minifying file are clear, the file gets smaller and consequently is read faster

Making the code be interpreted by the client’s machine rather than if it were not minified, improving the experience of those who access the site

However, of course, this is directly proportional to the file size, if it is too small there will be no difference.

Disadvantages of Minifying Files

The big problem is the code debugging, which will be worse to be done in the browser, since all the instructions will be compressed in one big pack

Also, it’s good that this minification is done by a tool, and not in the development code.

If not, the developer will need to deminify to change the code, thus getting a better view of it

If minify is done after development, there is no such problem

What is the best minifier?

The idea is that not all software that performs this function should be blindly trusted.

Opt for tools that have been previously tested

Here is a list of consolidated tools:

  • UglifyJs
  • JSMin
  • JavaScript Minifier

Is minifier just for JavaScript?

No, there are minifiers for CSS as well as HTML

Which cherish the same goal: deliver the code faster to the customer


In this article we learned advantages of minifying JavaScript scripts

We learned that there are only advantages in minifying code, be it JavaScript, HTML or CSS

We gain in the speed of the same being delivered to the end customer

It is also extremely important that the chosen tool is consolidated in the market, so as not to generate problems in your code.

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