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How to add custom variables in Magento 2

February 11, 2022

How to add custom variables in Magento 2

In this article we will learn how to add custom variables in Magento 2, which are variables that we can reuse in various places as modules and templates.

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What’s up programmer, ok? Let’s learn about custom variables in Magento

Magento 2 custom variables or custom variables can be easily created

And it has a wide range of uses, as we can use it from CMS blocks to templates or modules

And as I said, to create it is very simple, in the administrative area go to: System | Other Settings | Custom Variables

Then click on Add New Variable and you will get the following screen:

Here we must fill in the Variable Code in the way that we expect to call this variable in places

Set up a name in Variable Name

And the value fields will be the values displayed in the different places that we will use the variable

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If you are going to use it on a CMS page, for example, you should call it like this:

{{CustomVar code="custom_var"}}

Where custom_var is the Variable Code you filled in

If you are going to call the variable in the template, the right thing would be to create a block (Block) with depency injection

And then call the variable in the template through $this, as it would already be ‘injected’ in the template

obs: Using _objectManager goes against the principles of Magento


In this article we learned  how to add custom variables, the famous custom variables

And how to use it in the CMS: pages, blocks, emails, etc.

To use it on the front (.phtml), it would be necessary to create a Block and make a depency injection

Which is a little off topic, but could be a new article

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