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How to Export Magento Settings

February 15, 2022

How to Export Magento Settings

In this article you will learn how to export Magento settings to env file, and also how a change is made.

Export Magento Settings cover

One of the great features of Magento 2 is exporting settings to files

Making the store configs locked, preventing an eventual change error

And it also makes it easier to migrate stores, whether for a team dev or for deployment.

This is because most of the time these settings do not usually change, such as: country, store currency, etc.

So the first step after installing Magento  is to completely configure the store settings in Stores | Configuration | General | General

And then type the following command in the terminal:

bin/magento app:config:dump

Ready, all your settings will be exported to env.php and config.php files

Which are in the app/etc directory

Now the store fields will be locked, and changes must be made via file

To import the changes made later, enter the following command:

bin/magento app:config:import

And the settings will be persisted in the bank, consequently in the administrative area too


In this article we learnedv how to export Magento settings and also import

This is because being only via the database they can be easily changed and cause a certain inconvenience

Also it is much easier this way to migrate the configs between your development team

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