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Witch is the best programming language for beginners?

February 16, 2022

Witch is the best programming language for beginners?

In this article we will learn which is the best programming language and also which is the best to start programming, does it exist?

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What’s up programmer, ok? So let’s learn which language is best for programming!

And the big answer to this question is: IT DEPENDS

You will get tired of hearing this answer when it comes to programming and IT, but it’s the purest truth

Another curiosity about this doubt about the best language ranges from complete beginners in programming to more senior programmers

But the point of view is totally different, let’s see in detail how to solve this mystery!

Defining The Problem

The first action to take to help you choose the best programming language is what you want to do or what problem you want to solve.

That’s because languages are tools, they solve a specific problem

And when you create a language, you don’t think something like: I’m going to create the best language in the world!

Of course, the tendency is for better languages to be created, but to solve a problem that another language has or maybe in order to gain more performance

From that we can change our question to: what is the best language to solve my problem?

There you will find the answer for sure!

What is your problem?

Do you want to develop web? So JavaScript is a great language for you to choose as it can do both the backend and the frontend with a single language

Do you want to program an application? Java/Kotlin for Android or Switf for iOS

Do you want to program once and have the app as a hybrid? Flutter is a good option, despite being a framework that works on top of the Dart language

Realize then that the first question is to define the path you are going to take, and then you can choose a language to follow it.

What is the best language to start programming?

Well, this will also depend on a series of questions and also on your ultimate goal

The IT market changes very fast, so this response can lag in a short time

However, I believe that the JavaScript language still has a lot to show for us, in addition to what it has already shown.

This language is a must to most of the job openings and serves as a Swiss Army knife

The biggest frontend frameworks are built on top of it, like React, Vue and Angular

There’s also a strong market trend of JavaScript sticking to the backend too, with Node.js and now with the newcomer Deno

We have great frameworks to work on server side like Express and Adonis

If a friend asked me a language to learn to program, and to get a job, which will be in high demand for a long time, I would definitely recommend JavaScript.

However, we have PHP, which is also a language that has high popularity, being widely used in companies in Brazil.

And we also rely on Python, which solves problems from games to artificial intelligence,  and it is one of the funniest languages ​​to learn.

If your focus is on the web, with any of these three you will be well served, but be careful with Python, there are not so many vacancies available in the Brazilian market

Now if your focus is games, for example, you should choose C# or C++, using Unity or Unreal Engine, which are game engines

For Data Science and other technologies that are under your umbrella, the best option today is Python for the number of jobs, two good options are Java and PHP

And so it goes, first define the objective and then the language!

Why does this affect more experienced programmers too?

The reason is that, as I said above, the point of view is different

These programmers are more concerned with sensitive issues like performance

Or even the adaptability of the programming team that is involved in the project

Many other parameters start to take effect as we evolve in programming

You will need to create robust solutions that meet a variety of specifications

So at this point there may be a difference in languages, like, for example, one that is single threaded and one that is multi-threaded.

These are more advanced subjects that you will learn throughout your career, so don’t worry about that for now 🙂

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