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Is it worth going to college in IT (Computer Science)

February 18, 2022

Is it worth going to college in IT (Computer Science)

In this article I will put up  my opinion on whether or not to go to college in the area of computing, and then is it worth going to college in IT?

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What’s up programmer, ok? In this article we will talk about the real importance of courses such as computer science and information systems and how worthy are they!

This really is a very controversial topic and things are changing fast.

Most companies no longer value higher education and do not even put it on their list of requirements for their vacancies.

This is because the experience in IT is worth much more, we programmers need practice in real projects and not subjects that fill up sausage, as many universities have

But I also want to make it clear that larger and older companies, which are not really IT but have the sector incorporated into them, usually require a higher education course.

And this requirement abroad also has some value, so there are some points worth keeping in mind.

So is Computer Science worth it?

I would not say that the course itself, without analyzing other factors, is worth it.

You will need to find out about the educational institution, which counts a lot, if it really values ​​a quality course or is it simply to meet the hype

The faculty also, if they are very old, can teach the subjects in a very outdated way, in a different way than it is performed in the job market.

Note that these points can be a waste of time for you.

Also,  beginners in programming don’t know the correct way to choose a programming language and have to learn the one that the university decided

A strong point of higher education courses is that you gain networking, that is, you meet several people who are aligned with your ultimate goal.

This can provide you, up front, with good job opportunities or projects together.

Who knows, maybe even open a company, you know?

These points that I mentioned are good parameters to decide if it is worth studying IT.

Another important point is the completion time, it may be possible to find another modality that is more worthwhile

On line courses  is an example, you can save a few years and the diploma is the same, or even a technologist course in the IT area

These points that I mentioned are good parameters for you to decide if it is worth studying IT.

However, it is also normal that there is a confusion between Information Systems and also Computer Science.

Which of them will be the best?

Computer Science x Information Systems

Here’s that answer well found in the IT world: IT DEPENDS

The Computer Science course is not worse than Information Systems and vice versa, in fact it can even be if they are from different institutions

But comparing one to the other is like comparing a dog to a sparrow.

Both will have their own qualities and specific roles in nature, you know?

Computer Science is a course that involves subjects more focused on computing itself, it has more subjects involving mathematics as well.

Let’s say you’re going to learn more about the computer and how it works and also, oftentimes, even more code

Information Systems, or IS as it is called, focuses on both computing and administration.

So it’s quite common to be considered a lighter course, when CC is more hardcore

This is because Administrative Systems encompasses management matters and also software planning, we can say that it is more theoretical than practical.

But both courses are given with excellence in certain educational institutions, so we cannot compare just by name alone.

We must know what our purpose in programming is and what career we want to follow

Then it becomes easier to choose the one that is best for you in particular.

Example: you have more technical curiosities, you want to know how the computer works, you want to learn high and low level languages, and even a hint of electronics, in addition to enjoying  math, then CC is a good option

And Computer Engineering, is it worth it?

Once again: IT DEPENDS

You need to analyze the course schedule and see if staying five years at a college makes sense for you.

Of course you will have more calculation here and also an opportunity for more time to prepare for the job market.

But if you invested all the dedication you’ll need in the course, we know that engineering is more demanding than other courses, wouldn’t learning a language or other technology on the market be worth it?

Measuring the amount of effort needed to get the straw vs being in the job market, maybe even more prepared and faster

We have to keep in mind that the most expensive asset we own is our time, everyone has 24 hours and we are all the same

Learning how to better use your time will certainly determine your success more than a higher education course or another.

On line College Of IT, How Is It?

There is still a lot of prejudice with distance learning courses, but this should be eliminated over time

The difference between the courses can be stark in some cases as the first distance learning courses on the market were identified as business opportunities by universities

Creating a tremendous prejudice against them, which continues to this day.

But this has been changing little by little, as several renowned colleges that are committed to education, even from outside the country such as Harvard

It is bringing more and more courses to the distance modality, so the trend is that in the future there will be no difference

Today it is already minimized by the fact that the diploma is the same, both for face-to-face and distance learning

So the distance IT faculties are a way for you to save time, both in travel and also in course duration.

To be able to specialize in areas that are most needed in the market or technologies, and still in the end have a degree that will be accepted by companies

I particularly took distance learning and I don’t regret it, the process was exactly as I detailed it, I was able to focus on what the market needed and I got my first job

Of course, there is the point of dedication and self-discipline, which is evidenced very strongly in those who take a good distance learning course

There will be no teachers charging you all the time to deliver something or giving you absences in order to force you to participate in the class

It’s you against you, if you miss the system deadlines, adios!

So keep in mind that you will need to have a much greater focus and dedication to study a distance education degree, and even more in IT, where we have complex subjects that require a lot of study.

Having addressed all these points, I strongly believe that the answer to whether it is worth going to college in IT or not, lies within the perspectives of each one.

But now you have more references to be able to form your opinion, and decide once and for all 🙂

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