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How to work remotely on programming

March 1, 2022

How to work remotely on programming

In this article we will learn how to work remotely on programming, how to earn in dollars working for foreign IT companies

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Hey you programmer, ok? So let’s see how to work remotely in IT, earn in dollars and be happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

In this article maybe I touch some wounds, so I’ll apologize in advance so you don’t curse me later

Know-how in  English

The language in which most programming materials are found and also one of the most spoken languages in the world

Practically all companies abroad that you are looking for a job will require a certain level of English, that is, to work remotely on programming you need to know English.

To make it clearer: you will communicate with the team in meetings, what you are doing, describe your tasks, communicate decisions you had to make

And you also need to be able to present your ideas clearly in meetings and explain how you intend to solve a future challenge.

For this, you need at least advanced English, this is one of the biggest barriers when looking for a job  abroad.

I also suggest doing some tests and interviews, so that you can measure what you still lack in English to actually get a job.

Who knows, maybe you will get the job? ๐Ÿ˜€

Later, we will talk about where to get these interviews with foreign IT companies

Technical level

Another relevant point is the technical level required

Realize that the company is not looking for candidates outside the country where it operates because it only wants a global team

But because it needs highly capable professionals, which the company cannot find in its country

This being the second limiting factor for those seeking oppotunities from abroad

Usually the requirements are very high, at the level of a senior professional here in Brazil

And even if you apply not having all the requirements, the famous โ€œI guarantee myselfโ€, the CV reviews are very strict, 99.9% of the vacancies have a test to enter

This test will usually test the part of your programming skill plus your communication skills.

So even if you passed the first part of the interview, which is usually a profile alignment, where they just want to get to know you better.

The technical test part will put the proof that you can express yourself and explain what is happening in your code

I’ve seen two types of approaches to technical interviews:

Pre-determined project with a deadline of a few days for delivery;

Live coding of any problem that is directly related to the company;

In live coding, as you can imagine, you need to comment on what the solution will be and what you are thinking or the way you want to solve the problem presented

If the test is the same as the first approach, most likely you will be asked to explain how you thought of the problem before solving it.

So in addition to high skills, good technical communication will be required.

I would like to reinforce that companies abroad take the recruitment processes much more seriously than here in Brazil

Be careful not to send your resume to a recruiter too often if you don’t meet the requirements, as you could be permanently eliminated from that company’s opportunities

Where to look for vacancies

There are several sites where you can find jobs and freelance jobs to earn in dollars or euros.

I’ll put the ones I know well, that is, I’ve already applied and I’ve already also hired candidates

Firstly, Fiverr, this site is for those who want to look for more punctual work from a distance place

It is one of the biggest freelance sites and with a well polished system for both the client and the freelancer.

Fiverr is very competitive in terms of price, as you may know there are people from all over the world who also want to earn in dollars like you

Other currencies are even more devalued than the real, so it also pays off a lot for these people

RemoteOK is aimed at jobs, whether to make a career in a company or also projects for a longer time

There you have a list of companies and you can search for the ideal job for you, in several areas, not only programming

The salary of the position is usually displayed and also sometimes the company puts a location delimitation

For example: US company that only accepts applicants from North America

This is due to time zone issues, which is very important and if it is not limited by region, the vacancy may be limited by a maximum time zone, and also by the language the candidate speaks.

My next recommendation is WeWorkRemotely, along the lines of RemoteOK, both sites work similarly

Only this one you need to enter the vacancy to see the full description of the job, and if itโ€™s your cup of tea, apply for the vacancy

A cool curiosity that I haven’t mentioned yet is that companies pay to be on RemoteOk and WeWorkRemotely, further increasing the seriousness of the service

And my last indication is for StackOverFlow, it has a jobs area, where you can find remote jobs too

However, it is not focused on remote, you end up finding in-person vacancies

It worthes taking a closer look ๐Ÿ™‚

How to receive from abroad

The best company that I never have problems receiving from abroad is Payoneer

Super uncomplicated, very fast registration and approval

Most companies abroad work with them, and after requesting the withdrawal, you receive it within one business day.

However, there are times when the money falls into my account on the same day, pretty cool right?

So guys, I believe you have all the information to work remotely on programming and also earn in dollars or euros

You have seen the necessary requirements, where to get a job and also, very importantly, how to receive your salary or freelance payment

I wish you good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

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