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Is there is an age to start programming

March 3, 2022

Is there is an age to start programming

In this article we will learn if there is an age to start programming – is it possible to start programming after 30?

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Hey you guys, all right? Is there a right age to start programming? Is it possible to start after 30?

Of course, there is no age to start programming, you don’t have to be born into computers and not even after the year 2000 for that.

And you might be wondering, how does he know for sure?

Firstly, six years ago, when I was over 23, I started programming

I was a mechanical designer, and I successfully transitioned to a programming career.

It may be that you are over 23 years old now, that’s ok, but the idea here is that there is room in the market for those who know programming and not for those who have a certain age.

What Are Companies Looking For?

You, if you’re older, must have worked in your life, so you can bring your interview experience to the programmer’s reality too.

Have you ever been a victim of ageism? Or was there an age limit in the job requirements?

There are great chances that it won’t, but if this has already happened, know that this company that promoted such absurdities was not worth it.

And the problem is an isolated fact and not a reality

As in any area, companies want someone to solve the problem

If you are already a good professional in your current area, your chances increase dramatically.

But you need, like everyone else of any age, to meet the minimum requirements for the position.

And of course this comes from study and dedication


Use this channeled concern of yours in another way, so that you commit yourself more and more to your studies

Are you worried about your age? Surely it’s because you think it can take time to learn too, right?

So you need to increase the time you study programming languages ​​and tools

Here it won’t really matter the ton of excuses you can make for not studying, there will be someone studying more than you and they will get the spot of your dreams

The idea is that you have to work hard for it, and use the feelings that keep you from even starting to focus and fall head over heels.

I’ll tell you a secret: most programmers on the market are mediocre, that is, average

There is nothing supernatural about them, they learn enough to enter the market and wait for the tide to take them.

So it’s not difficult to determine that if you study for a year on end, with an efficient study plan, you’ll get even better than someone who already has years in the market, you know?

Of course, this depends on other factors, as I said above, and the most decisive is the time you dedicate to studying daily.

We all have 24 hours a day, the multi-millionaire when he wakes up has the same hours as you to carry out maintenance on his companies

So use your time wisely, so that you reach your goals

How To Be Inside In An Easier Way

There is a little commented path to get into IT, which is the internship

However, you need to be studying at a higher level for this, another thing that is dispensable for programmers

But if you’re really determined to get in anyway, you can enroll in a higher course – and here comes the big thing – the distance.

Because technically it will take up less time in the day and you will still be able to focus on your studies

And you will still get internships normally in companies, you know?

This can be a good entry point and faster than staying studying for a while, with no guarantee of success.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed either, but you increase your chances of entering the market, you know?

Other Doors To Enter Programming

A lot of companies will want to see your work already done, you probably won’t have any, right?


Build personal projects like you’re learning and host on GitHub, so the code is available to others and you can pass the projects along to the company if they ask for it

In fact, the best way to learn programming is with real projects.

Another idea to get projects is to enter freelancer sites like: Workana and Fiverr

And try to get some projects to grow your portfolio

Here we are not talking about how to be successful and rich in programming

You can charge lower prices to get ahead of other candidates and have projects in your portfolio, got it?

Be Honest And Remember The Past

If you participate in selection processes, always be super transparent

Maybe because of your age there will be questions about the transition and why you want to program now, after so much time in another area.

Answer everything with the utmost sincerity and be transparent

You can also comment on the attributes and qualities you have acquired in your current career.

Showing that you will be able to bring values ​​to this new area too

After all, softskills such as: communication and teamwork are very important

If you have outstanding achievements, such as: increase in the production of such a product or record sales

Also mention, showing that you are someone different can yield good results

The idea is not to be ashamed of what has already happened in your life or to try to hide it

The story you’ve walked certainly has successes and failures too, which makes you more prepared to face a profession

Because the schedule is just a detail, the company in the end wants someone who provides profit, right?

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