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Jobs with many requirements for a programmer, what should you do?

March 7, 2022

Jobs with many requirements for a programmer, what should you do?

In this article we will see what to do about jobs with many requirements for a programmer, should we apply?

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What’s up programmer, how are you? Let’s talk about those vacancies with requirements for an entire tech team that appear frequently on recruitment sites.

Firstly, we should not judge the company or the person who registered for vacancies as there may be some reasons that generate this communication noise.

And the most common is the HR problem, let’s see it in detail

The HR Problem

With the speed that decisions need to be made and the pressure it places on HR staff to hire new team members

Also,  it is not easy to find a programmer that fits what the company really needs

This demand to create the vacancy and also select the necessary technologies for it is left with a crowd that generally does not have much experience in the area.

Hence the majority of vacancies with absurd requirements

The HR people go to job sites and, because they don’t know what is really needed, they select all the languages and frameworks available, creating tremendous confusion.

You may find that things flow automatically when even software like Word and Excel is a requirement.

So what should we do?

Applying or not applying?

This is of course a more personal question, but if you have identified this pattern mentioned above I believe it is worth applying.

That’s because you have nothing to lose, since you went to identify a company error, it’s up to the company to fix it

So if you are not called, that’s fine, and if you are, you can see the real requirements of the vacancy and then choose to continue the process or not.

Remembering that this situation happens more at the beginning of our life as a programmer, after a certain time the programmer learns to look for the best job

Even so as not to fall into traps like this and also to work with what you really want

So he already has an idea of what technologies companies use and also which vacancy he can apply for or not

I don’t want to apply, what else can I do?

It is also worth sending a message to the company asking if all the requirements are necessary

So that they can correct the mistake and you may understand what you really need

And then choose to apply for it or not

I can already tell you that if the company didn’t have the patience and care to create a vacancy with the correct requirements, it probably won’t answer you in a pleasant way either.

What if all those requirements are necessary?

This is a good point, we can go two ways:

  • You don’t know how to identify what are too many requirements;
  • They want someone very specific and they intend to pay for it;

If it’s the number 1 point, maybe you’re still not used to the number of requirements in IT, which really isn’t low

So it’s a matter of experience, go ahead and study!

Second,  is quite possible to happen too, since it is difficult to find a super competent professional in Brazil who is looking for a job

Most are already well hired.

And even then the company will be willing to pay a fair value for it

So keep in mind that this case can really happen

You will even notice a pattern, they are usually companies that have their software as their main product

In other words, the IT sector is vital for the operation of the same

I want to apply but I don’t know everything they ask

If you have at least 70% of the requirements, I believe you are worth applying

As I said before, companies are looking for someone more aligned with the service to be performed

If you believe that you can learn this rest that is missing from day-to-day demands, go ahead.

After all, who will decide whether to continue the process or not is the company

But the process cannot continue if you do not submit your application 🙂

These are my toughts about these jobs with many requirements, share yours in the comments section bellow!

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