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The impact of Amazon Honeycode on developers

March 21, 2022

The impact of Amazon Honeycode on developers

In this article we’ll talk about the impact of Amazon Honeycode for developers – will the platform make us lose our jobs?

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What’s up programmer, ok? Ever heard of Amazon Honeycode?

This software is putting a lot of developers under alert out there, do you know why?

It is capable of creating code by itself, that is, programming for you!

About Honeycode

Honeycode’s proposal is for the team to focus less on code and more on the business rule

As the software home says: The only limit is your creativity

You have the facility to import the data by a CSV and use your table as a template, being the data model of the application

As if it were an Excel table, for example, the data structure will be visible

After defining the data model, the next step would be to build the app, in a drag and drop style.

What shines in the eyes mainly of the management / board, who sees the project being built in less time, without thinking about the negative points of this practice, which I will address later

Also on Honeycode’s home there is an access control system, where you can choose who has access to what

This functionality, for example, some frameworks already have it ready, so it’s not really a big news

There’s also a way to make the app collaborative, that is, share it with your team and each work on a different part of the app.

Similar to that collaborative editing of Google apps

A Brief Comparison

The first thing that came to mind was Wix

When it was released there was also a big controversy that the developers would lose market share

Years later we see that the reality is not that, and still the service is extremely poorly spoken

The main complaint: lack of customization or fit with a more complex business rule

Which could possibly affect Honeycode as well

But realize there’s a good point in this: a client sticks to a platform, whether it’s web with Wix or app with Honeycode

The service achieves to some extent what it wants, and then it needs to look for a more robust solution

And that’s where we come in, the impact of Amazon Honeycode for developers can be positive too

Well, it opens the door for another project, and this one is programmed, understand?

But so, am I going to lose my job or not?

I believe the project is still at a very primitive stage, so the answer is ‘not yet’

But it is clear that one day one of these products will solve most of the problems of organizations

Further advancing the stage where companies will need a programmer for their software

But this only increases the programmer’s level, that is, he will have to specialize more if he wants to stay in the market

What I think is that programmers who don’t evolve will be run over by these technologies at one time or another

But as I said: the stage is too early to worry about yet

However, we have large companies developing these softwares, which can make the time span shorter.

Amazon And Its Services

Making a connection with the previous point, it is interesting to note that Amazon’s services are very good and at a very affordable price.

They Really Destroy The Competition

Dedicated hosting like Lightsail is much cheaper than most shared servers in Brazil

Just as sending emails through Amazon SES becomes much cheaper than any email service in Brazil

So, we have to keep an eye on Honeycode too, which can be a good promise

It is up to them to create the right balance between the ease of drag and drop plus the customization of the service in essential parts.

Then, an impact of Amazon Honeycode for developers would be noticeable


My suggestion is that you should try the service and see what it is capable of.

So you take away this fear of the possibility of losing a job and see which points are far from becoming ideal for the software market

You’ll find that some features come close to what we do, but others not at all.

Leaving this data modeling issue to a layperson can be a big problem too.

Perhaps the software analysis part will become even stronger when these technologies come into force and big brands start using it too.


I believe you can rest easy for now regarding Honeycode

But observing the service from afar will not hurt you and will also help you see new horizons.

Which is essential for every programmer, not to close yourself in a bubble and ignore what is happening around you

After all, for smaller and less complex apps, Amazon Honeycode can be the ideal alternative, don’t you think?

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